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Our Benefits

1. Continuous Innovation
    Lijie has a high-quality R&D team and international first-class R&D equipment. The ratio of Ph.Ds., professors, researchers and senior engineers is above 20% of the staff. The R&D staff has rich research experience. The company has applied a total of 20 patents, including 13 invention patents and 7 utility models patents. And 13 patents had authorized, including 6 invention patents and 7 utility model patents. The company has established Provincial Technology Research Center, and has also established long-term strategic partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin University, Central South University, Xiangtan University, Hunan Chemical Research Institute and other research institutes. It ranks in the forefront of the industry in terms of technological innovation, and strives to apply for establishing national technology research center in five years. 


2. Excellent Quality
    Lijie mainly produces PCMX (Parachlorometaxylenol), TCC (Triclocarban), ZPT (Zinc pyrithione), PHMG (Polyhexamethylene guanidine hydrochloride) and other disinfection products. The company has two production bases in Ningxiang and Changde. The company implements strict production process management to ensure the international first-class product quality, and for high quality requirements products implements fully closed operation. PCMX which is the flagship product of the company has been favored by customers because of its good quality. 



3. Outstanding Partners
    Over the decade, Lijie has been sticking to the frontline of the sterilization industry, constantly forging ahead. The company has been upholding the idea of winning markets through dedication, improving quality through concentration and entering the world through specialization. At present, the company has become a qualified supplier for the world top 500 companies such as P&G, Johnson, Reckitt Benckiser and the domestic famous enterprises such as Whealthfields Lohmann(Walch), Blue Moon. The products occupy a leading position among peers, and have been exported to Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.




4. Leading Manufacturer of Biocide Chemicals
    Lijie was established in 2005, it mainly engaged in the development, production and operation of disinfection material. After a few years of development, Lijie has become a high-tech enterprise, a “Little Giant” enterprise, and technical innovation model enterprise, and the company has won such honorary titles as 21315 AAA grade quality certificate for enterprises, Hunan famous trademark, and Hunan green low-carbon enterprise. Lijie products have good preventive effects on SARS and influenza, accounting for 67% of the disinfectant material market share of in China, far ahead of other brands. The performances of the company maintain a growth rate of more than 20%.
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