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Market Outlook

The sterilization market is at the growing stage
Generally speaking, development of disinfectants is a quickly upgrading and maturing development process. With chemical disinfectants as the center, they are evolving towards the integration and interlacing of positive biology, biochemistry, physics and optics, having become a more integrated and systematic industry. SARS and other epidemic diseases have undoubtedly given this industry the opportunities to thrive in an objective sense. They also draw the social concerns to the disinfectants industry, allowing people to have realized the social value of their existence. No matter whether there will be the whether the prevalence of infectious diseases like SARS in the future or not, we do not have to worry about the disinfection products market, because the rapid development of the society has elevated the health consciousness of the people and enhanced the level of consumption; the gradually functional, personalized and high-end disinfection products will become the major direction of development.

Consumption habits
SARS and bird flu have inflicted enormous shocks on peoples ideas about life, which have also changed enormously. The following two aspects have been widely recognized:

1. The concept of hygiene: it is generally accepted that personal hygiene is the key to maintaining health and prevent virus infection.

2. The concept of environmental protection: it is generally accepted that in order to effectively control the spread of diseases, people have to maintain environmental sanitation.

Separate Categories
1. Product series have been formed: After SARS, we have formed a complete product portfolio including soap series, hand washing series, disinfection series;
2. The products are more diversified: with the surging of manufacturers, the breadth, width, and depth of product lines have also been enhanced; the product varieties keep growing; for example, at Carrefour supermarkets, there are as many as 70 kinds of daily chemical disinfection products, including hand sanitizer, disinfectants, sterilizing laundry detergents, and sprays.
3. Market segments have been formed: Different products have their own separate functions and features, as well as separate consumer groups.

Market Capacity
1.The current Chinese disinfection market has an existing capacity of about RMB 8 to 10 billion.
2.The consumer groups have greatly expanded; a large number of new consumers have joined the rank of the old consumers.
3.Consumers willingness to buy has been enhanced; consumers’ willingness to spend money has increased substantially.

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