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Franchise Support

Price support
We offer agents the best systematic distributor price support, and implement unified market price in the country, to fully protect the profit margins of agents. For products with prices adjusted according to market fluctuations, I will notice agents in advance. According to the cumulative number of orders, we provide further price supports for agents. The greater the cumulative number of orders of agents, the better price supports they will receive, to further increase the profit margins of agents.

Profit guarantee
Our company adopt the three-axe strategy to guarantee the profit margins of agents, thus to achieve the win-win cooperation. First, protect the sales region scope of agents, the second is to develop a sound market-based price protection mechanism, and the third is carry out sale rebates based on the completion of the annual sales targets.

Sales Support
Reach Biology will promote the related products through the Internet, professional journals, and large exhibitions, and offer pre-sales training for all agents, including products, technology, market development and other comprehensive and systematic knowledge. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of agents, we provide timely technical training from time to time, and carry out market information exchange, to ensure that agents can receive comprehensive product and technical knowledge as well as the latest market information.

After-sales support
Reach Biology is responsible for the after-sales service for the products represented by agents. Within one month from the date of delivery, if there is any product quality problems, our company will offer replacement service.

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