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Zinc Pyrithione 48 Aqueous Dispersion(ZPT-48)


I. Product description
    Product name: Zinc Pyrithione 48% Aqueous Dispersion
    CAS No.:13463-41-7
    Molecular formula:
    Molecular weight:317.7

II.Quality specifications




Off white to white dispersion

Zinc pyrithione (%)






Particle size(BT-9300H):

≤1 μm(%)

≤5 μm(%)






III. General properties and applications
    1.Is a mixture in water of very fine particles of zinc pyrithione, a dispersant, and a viscosity control agent.
    2.Is an effective antidandruff agent.
    3.Is the growth of a broad spectrum of both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.
    4.Inhibits the growth of fungi, both yeast and mold.
    5.Inhibits the growth of algae.
IV. Chemical incompatibility
    1.Transchelation occurs in the presence of heavy metal ions. Even traces of the corresponding chelates can cause a noticeable discoloration, foremost the iron and copper complexes.
    2.Is sensitive to strong oxidizing and reducing agents.
    3.The Conductivity of water should be less than 5μs/cm Calculate the dosage to ensure that whole barrels of product would be added for each batch. It is recommended to add a little zinc salt to the water to ovoid occurring Fe(III) complexes when the conductivity of the water is less than 20μs/cm.
    4. Is incompatible with EDTA, which, however, does no harm the sterilizing effect of Zinc pyrithione
V. Stability
    1.Remains stable for 120 hours at 100℃, decomposes at 240℃。
    2.Is sensitive to light and remains stable in pigmented coatings.
    3.Is hydrolytically stable between pH 4.5 and 9.5. Below pH 4.5 conversion to pyrithione occurs. In alkaline solutions (pH > 9.5) conversion to soluble alkali salts occurs.

    1.Stores in original container in a dry and cool area away from direct sunlight with temperature between 10℃ and 54℃. Keep container tightly     closed and sealed until ready for use. Containers opened must be carefully resealed and kept upright to prevent leakage.
    2.Agitate the barrels every 6 weeks. Pre-agitate for at least 10 minutes before using.
    3.May be pre-dispersed by a certain amount of water to assure better dispersion. 
    4.Calculate the dosage to ensure that whole barrels of product would be added for each batch.
VII. Dosage
    Rinse-off products: 0.3-2%; (measured by active ingredients)
    Non-Rinse-off products: 0.1-0.25%; (measured by active ingredients)
    Plastic drum, 25kg/barrel.
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