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Richcide MIT


Richcide MIT was made by our companys proprietary technology and it was a new antiseptic. It can be used in the paint, water-based polymer synthetic emulsion system. The active ingredients was isothiazolinone derivatives

I. Performance Features
    1.Broad spectrum, long-lasting; various bacteria, fungi and yeasts can be killed.
    2.Wide use range from pH 2.0 to 12.0
    3. water-miscibe, can be added at any process
    4.Low toxicity, harmless in the using concentration.
    5.No residue, wont cause cumulative pollution to the environment
    6.Nonflammable and easy to transport.
    7.Good compatibility with all kinds of emulsifier, surfactant and protein ingredients
    8. Colorless , odorless  which can be used in cosmetics.
    9.No formaldehyde, no VOC.

II. Quality Index




Clear yellow liquid


10.0%, 20.0%, 50.0% etc.

III. Application
    Widely used in paint, water-based polymer, etc. For the application in the paint, synthetic polymer emulsion aqueous systems, generally be used with a concentration of 0.03-0.3% (w / w) in the paint or synthetic polymer emulsion aqueous systems , which is depended on the level of susceptible to microbial attack and the product storage conditions
IV. Packaging
   25Kg/Drum, 200Kg/Drum, IBC Drum.

V. Notes
    This product can be added at any step, but try to avoid over 50OC condition is added. Recommended products are added in the finishing process of less than 50OC. Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, goggles and masks to avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membrane.
VI.Safety performance
    acute oral toxicity : LD50> 4000 mg / Kg (rat)
    acute skin toxicity : LD50> 5000 mg / Kg (rabbit)
VII. Validity Period:

12 months while its stored in dry, cool place without heat and direct sunlight.


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